God is not in the sunshine that lights up every morning,
He is the very vision that lets you see it dawning,
God is in the finger that wipes every tear,
Knowing that your fears, only the soul can hear.

God is not in idols, and all those places of worship,
He is forever waiting, at the tip of everyone’s lip,
God is on every tongue that speaks the truth, words without charm,
Knowing that those very words will cause them harm.

God is not in the justice that keeps good and evil apart,
He is the forgiveness that abounds in everyone’s heart,
God is the mercy that makes you ignore an unforgivable sin,
Knowing that its pain will burn in you, even within your coffin.

God is not in any scriptures, and those books of yore,
He is the river that has kindness on every shore,
God is in the lines on the palm of every giving hand,
Knowing they have not, left, even the ground they stand.

God is not on top of the mountains, or at the bottom of the sea,
He is inside every grieving heart that you can compassionately see,
God is the innocence in the smile of every child,
Knowing not, that life also has sorrow, stockpiled.

God is not in the prayers, that the faithful chant,
He is the belief itself, which mere words cannot supplant,
God is in every happiness that refuses to die,
He is in every sorrow that refuses to cry.

God is not in heaven, on a throne of diamonds and precious stone,
He is in every repentant sinner who wants to atone,
God is in every forgiving heart that wants to condone,
For, humanity is God, honesty is God, and with you He is never alone.

This one is about my concept of God, and about my religion, Godism. Although these lines do not enough justice to the entire concept, i shall not bother to elaborate, because God should not be too complicated to explain. Whatever is here is sufficient to express my general beliefs, and make this a part of Mirror. This is also my tribute to Kamal Hassan and the movie Satyame Shivam (Anbe Sivam), one of his best, also happening to be his take on God, heart-wrenching. Now i shall move onto something i have never done before on any of my posts, and hope to never have to do again, put out a disclaimer.

1) This poem was not written to ridicule anyone’s beliefs or faith. it was merely written to state my opinion on the matter. For those who feel offended by the lines (which were merely used for poetic effect), please replace every instance of ‘God is not’ with ‘God is not only’. Sometimes good sentence construction comes in handy in the most unexpected ways. 😀

2) When i use the word ‘He’, it doesnot  mean that i believe God belongs to any specific gender. Again, another word used for poetic effect, but one that stems from centuries of andro-centric writing (and something i have grown accustomed to, writing as if the world is limited to my gender). Easily-offended people/feminists are free to replace every such instance of ‘He’ with ‘She’.

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