There are lots of poems you will find on this site, on a wide range of narrow topics. Most of these are usually reflections on what would I do if I were put in a particular position and expected to behave like the way a person following the generally accepted conventions of sane behaviour would. But personally I am nothing like most of those poems that you see there. To put it simply I am more quirky in my thoughts and actions as a person, more so in my thoughts.

There are a few poems on the site that are however from my heart and are my own personal experiences. These go a long way in showcasing a small portion of my thought-process and through reading them you may understand why I sometimes behave the way I do. The important thing to remember is that facets you may uncover are only partial and indicative, and therefore do not convey a complete picture.

Perhaps someday I would in bits and pieces get to convey the whole through a sum of the parts, though my current understanding of myself tells me such a day will never come. So till then, just comment on the ones below.





Fred Claus



Frank Einstein

Icarus Glue


Palace Lights

Girl in the Mirror


Thirsty River


Falling Leaf

Leaving Neverland



One Step





Midnight Sun

Living Dead

First Light

Addictive Joy

Me And Myself

Into Your Life

Finding You

Breaking The Bond

Wings Of Fire

Killing Me Softly

Tomorrow’s Yesterday


Dearest Mom

Dearest Dad

Damn Those Marks

Another Day Another Time

A Lost World

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