Sleeping Buds

Looking around at their cousins taking in the sun,
Life for flora was definitely a whole lot of fun,
All they had to do, was bide their today as a bud,
And tomorrow would show the magic that grew from mud.

Swaying along to the lilting tunes of the breeze,
Proud of the persistent visit from the bees,
By morning, they too would wear the colours of blossom,
Spreading the fragrance that rose from their bosom.

At the crack of dawn, a dozen people came silently,
And plucked them from their future thrones, violently,
They showed no guilt, no remorse, only the boredom of the chore,
Their fatigue, the only indicator that they had to do a lot more.

A clinical snip cut off a thousand dreams in a single instant,
Into the truck, with every moment, their home grew distant,
Wrapped along with a thousand brothers of a dozen colours,
They wondered if this was the only reason for the existence of flowers.

To be taped together and cast into a shapely vase,
While a guy waited nonchalantly for his lass,
To bear the unabashed, if only momentary, gushing of the woman,
Before the talk moved to important things, things that were human.

When there were no more guests left, to come and stare,
Their wilted figures were too much for the waiter to bear,
So they landed up unceremoniously into the trash,
End of story, a thousand lives terminated in a flash.

Only one thought was on their mind, as they finally closed eyes,
What would happen to their siblings at the next sunrise,
Ones who were innocently sleeping with dreams of tomorrow,
Unknowing, that theirs too would be a journey of sorrow.

This one is for the one of the most important Beacons of them all, Veturi Sundara Rammurthy. Words are insufficient to describe what he has contributed to my life, and hence suffice it to say, i am forever indebted to him.

This is also my personal belief on flowers. Flowers were made by God to be seen on plants and enjoyed, not killed and planted in vases, like tigers in a zoo. Sure, a hundred thousand get to see the tiger at the zoo, people who would never have got to the jungles, but do you think the tiger likes it one single bit. Atleast animals have PETA since they can growl/howl/scowl/cry. Flowers have nobody.

Every time someone passes by a bouquet, they exclaim at the sheer beauty of the flowers, and then go their way, probably because that is all the flowers mean to them, some nice looking toy to look at for a moment, and get going with life. They see my complete disinterest in the flowers and ask me if i hate them. The truth is unfortunately very far from it. I love flowers, but not as corpses to fulfill a girl’s fantasy, not as objects to admire after killing, not as useless rot the next day. Even the previous day’s newspaper has some resale value the next day, so people preserve them despite the information no longer being useful, flowers, well that’s another story.

So enough of rambling, i just don’t like flowers away  from their plants, period.

4 Responses to “Sleeping Buds”

  1. Aparna Says:

    very interesting viewpoint. Perhaps the girl doesn’t just take a look at them and forgets them but rather she smiles each time she passes them because the ethereal beauty of flowers reminds her of her own sensuousness.
    Perhaps flowers are glad to be bringing such happiness to the girl because they realize that they are short lived and whatever time they have left, they’d rather spend it reminding her that amidst all the negativity and cynicism, there is still immense beauty and joy in the world she lives in.

  2. guptaghost Says:

    from a philosophical standpoint, yes. we all need what we need to feel alive, admired, content, whatever. besides we need objects to identify our satisfaction and derive contentment with our collectively miserable existences.

    however, the point was about where we draw the line for such objects. crores of people like Aishwarya Rai, and feel lighter, calmer, and feel soothed just looking at her. however, we cannot put her in a museum and sell tickets to come and style her, or pinch her, to believe she will soothe their senses. we have other means like pictures, videos, etc. simply because Ash has a voice and will not stand being put in a cage so that more people can see her than normally by going to her house.

    in the same manner, the way zoos dehumanize life forms by putting them in ‘inhuman’ conditions so that ‘human’ beings can see them at their convenience is so appalling, that i would rather see NGC/Discovery videos than see animals like convicts in a zoo.

    so getting back to the original point, although i dont care about either gender’s preferences for flowers, industry sales data indicates that most sales are driven by women, and hence the jibe. it is just that we have floral wallpapers that ‘can’ do the trick for whatever psychological urges they need to satisfy. of course, it will sound laughable to say those who like flowers should stare at wallpapers, but then i am not a person who likes seeing Aishwarya Rai handcuffed in a beautiful cage just because i want the real thing, and because only the real thing will give me mental satisfaction.

  3. aparna Says:

    Ash huh? interesting analogy. Too bad for your girlfriend..she has to make do with wallpapers 🙂
    Other than that though, lets agree to disagree!.

    • guptaghost Says:

      thanx. well, what can i say, just another viewpoint, only it happens to be seconded by less than 0.1% of the population. so in a democratic setup, i guess its nice to have flowers since over 99% of the people believe so. 🙂

      as for my GF, well, i guess wallpapers should be her Plan B. The best Plan A for such a woman would be to buy the flowers herself. 🙂 of course, to not sound too partisan, i must admit, the need for acceptance, need for admiration/recognition, that so characterize most lives plays a great part in this whole ‘flowers-on-my-desk are so wonderful’ belief. It is best exemplified by a poem we had in BBM first year if you remember, Go, Lovely Rose

      and of course, life wouldn’t be fun if we all believed the same thing, that would make us robots, we have our respective personalities because of our disparate individual beliefs, and those idiosyncrasies that distinguish us from the crowd. so, here’s to disagreement.

      btw, i don’t like Ash, but then we all need examples, so why not take the most popular example. 😀

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