Quite often we wake up to the same journey, but a new beginning,
Only to see hundreds already sweating from hours of running,
You just shrug and start walking, wondering why they can’t sleep,
And smile, because sometimes, imagination just can’t make the leap.

Well, one can’t rub away the flaws from a diamond,
Just as one can’t rub the lines from the palm of a hand,
When we refuse its brilliance, insisting it can be better,
We understand that rings can no longer be on any finger.

We believe that our life depends on every single mark,
And that without the grade, life will forever be dark,
We become so obsessed with that one mark we didn’t get,
That the ninety-nine we have become easy to forget.

Easy enough to forget, that life is more than a grade,
That marks are the easiest way for knowledge to degrade,
Obsession enough to forget, the true purpose of education,
That character marks the real end of education.

We know that education ends, but never learning,
Because knowledge is a quest that knows no ending,
It is a journey that fuels itself along the way,
Lighting up the path for the few who choose to stay.

The hundreds that run, with the thousands more that follow,
Realise not, that chasing education is like following their own shadow,
A benchmark they will never improve or grow beyond,
Because the hundred makes them grow too fond.

For those still running the race, from long before sunrise,
We can only hope they will someday wake up to realise,
That excellence cannot be measured by the precision of calculation,
Because, perfection is a journey, not a destination.

This one is for a new Beacon, Raj Kumar Hirani and his existential brand of cinema. Although this is a continuation of the story that began with Broken Pencil and Frontier, this one caters to a more mature audience. Adult students who can think and identify right from wrong.

I always wonder what it is, that unlike children who are goaded by parents into burying their childhood amidst pages and pages of drivel that kills their minds instead of expanding it, adult students have a mind of their own that can think. However, it might be the conditioning from childhood that carries over, and makes people fall head-over-heels in pursuit of centum.

I fail to understand why someone would think a guy who got 90% is worse than one who got 96%, or that a guy who got 35% in Chemistry should spend their life being a third-class engineer, when they got 95% in Physics and could have been rendering yeoman service to science. Why should the failures of one subject tie a person’s future, or for that matter, why should the less than perfect scores in most subjects make one person inferior to another.

But then, i guess that is what institutions across the world breed, mediocrity from talent, and show the real talent the long path home to where it belongs. More on this on my upcoming posts on the IIMs’ and IITs’. Fanboys of these institutions should stay away because it will not be pleasant, and believe me, it is not a case of sour grapes. It is just a honest feeling from a leftist-leaning dreamer.


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