The smile seems so real, but its happiness isn’t,
The tears definitely real, but their sorrow isn’t,
When the eyes stand deceived by mere expressions,
You wonder how really deep are all those emotions.

The happiness, the sorrow, are but simple reflections,
Of many a misplaced attachment, unknown affections,
Of a waning devotion requesting a newfound zeal,
For too many actions and their consequences to deal.

One by one, the seams holding you together begin to give way,
And your life itself seems to have given up and gone away,
For, you couldn’t convince it to hold on, much longer stay,
Leaving an apparition behind, it left your heart and went its way.

Alone you walked, alone it walked, each to their own way,
It smiled, you frowned, at how much it still held sway,
You get immersed in work, and life is busy with its play,
But the straighter the road gets, the farther you go astray.

The moment you smelt trouble, you tried to steer away,
You thought you could remain a stranger by keeping it at bay,
Unfortunately it’s indefatigable, always making its own way,
You only reach as far as proximity, before it catches up someday.

But rudderless, soulless, you keep on getting nowhere,
And the emptiness within, is more than existence can bear,
Just another scorecard, measuring time, moment to moment,
While the watch competes, ticking away at your lament.

So when everybody’s watching, eagerly expecting the smile,
The unconscious acting involved considerably delays it a while,
Thus you pretend to drink it, stirred, not shaken,
From a cup, that is long since empty, and broken.

This one continues where the previous one left off, at the person beneath that mask. This one for the Gazebo deals with what most of us become after sometime. We all start off thinking of being somebody, doing something, and on the way, we get tired of the waiting to be that somebody, to do that something, and so decide to take the shortcut that always seems to popup nearby however farther we go. So we sell our souls, if only for a moment, for a day, for a lifetime, and get at the destination, to find ourselves without one.

Having got there or atleast nearly there, we look back and think whether the means were worth the end, specially since we had our conscience tormenting us all the way through. The destination doesn’t seem as attractive as it did, when we were along the ‘straight’ road. Now it somehow seems tarnished, rather blemished with our own corruption. This one is for those moments when we went astray.


I forgot to add, this was my 150th poem on this blog, and its been exactly one year on WordPress.

6 Responses to “Broken”

  1. blissfulsoul Says:

    Wonderful Expression. Felt like my thoughts reflected in words.

  2. guptaghost Says:

    thank you. must say it was more of my own life that i put down. but i guess after a point, your life, my life and everybody’s life seems to converge at that point. the point of everybody having the same problems but on a different level.

  3. Citric Acid Says:

    You keep the smile and the tears on
    To evade queries, while, yourself you con

    The wound cuts deeper and the pain you feel
    Mercilessly mocks at your thought that it would heal

    Too late to turn back and seek meaning
    You trudge along, reality dawning..

    Very well written, this one struck a chord, as do many other poems of yours. Keep writing.

  4. guptaghost Says:

    But the heart realises the greasepaint you don,
    and you wonder if there is anything to really to con,

    Eventually the wound will heal and so will the pain,
    But the thought will keep reminding you of it again.

    So although you go back to the beginning,
    You have already left behind its meaning.

    thanx. so do yours, though you dont write them often enough.

  5. Divya Says:

    Day in and day out we keep on doing things which seem more imp than anything else little realising what we are losing parallely..the sooner we realise the myth we have been clinging on to the sooner well appreciate the reality..

    very nicely written..

  6. guptaghost Says:

    thank you. truly said. but the problem begins when we lose both. we leave one thing to get hold of another, and sometimes find that the other one is no longer as attractive as it seemed, and therefore are forced to leave it too.

    the irony of the leave the bird in your hand to get a better bird. but philosophically speaking there is no better bird.

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