Tired for the day, as the sun lets go, of its fast mellowing beams,
I begin my daily walk, past my life’s long-abandoned dreams,
Some just stare, some greet me with a smile, some with a tear,
Some try to stop me, demanding to know, why I left them here.

Not knowing the answer myself, I just try to keep moving ahead,
But there always seem to be some of them, wherever I try to head,
An answer I know not, but their circumstances I do,
That moment, and its lifetime, nothing else I could do.

They force me to remember my journey, and the winding road,
And the stranger’s reality, that my dreams everyday forebode,
AS I let them fall, like tears, each of them grabbed the sand,
Seeping into it, washing the dust off my mind’s hinterland.

Behold, the uncertainty disappear, the path ahead begins to clear,
Refreshed, renewed, the promise walks to its fulfillment near,
When the loitering wishes finally find their destination,
They drink into a new thirst from the well of anticipation.

When the tender saplings just begin peeping into their story,
Its time to point their tiny offshoots onto the path of glory,
Show them the need, the opportunity, they won’t ask why,
They’ll lap up the sunshine, and reach out for the sky.

Heads above the clouds, they no longer know a season,
All that they trust, believe, is their tiny seed of reason,
Their flailing arms are overladen, bearing the fruits of yesterday’s action,
Some too raw, the sap of discontent, some too sweet, oozing satisfaction.

I stretch my hand to pluck, but they have grown beyond reach,
I had never imagined, my own sky my dreams would breach,
I only hope, the winds of dispersion don’t carry them out of sight,
Such a pretty sight, solitary dreams basking in the moonlight.

If anybody got what I meant, please tell me, will be glad to give you hundred hugs. 🙂 This one is another for the Gazebo. Yet many times when I re-read it, it seems to fit more into Mirror. I shall leave that choice to those who believe they understood anything at all in the first place. A lot of it seems from my life, but at times,(I mean my most depressing times, I wonder if I knew such days at all).

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