Shades of Silence

When the matter is confusing, and our opinions fight,
Much time is spent agreeing who is in the right,
Though you assure me you do not mind,
I doubt, the silence in your mind.

When the times are bright, and moments, many to enjoy,
Laughter often doesn’t do enough justice to the  joy,
And so you just let each moment smile,
I like, that silence in you smile.

When the weather is rough, and familiarity new,
I wish our reservations would be more few,
Though I cannot control my own thoughts,
I want, the silence in your thoughts.

The truth is something, that we both shall miss,
Something we lost, when I broke the promise,
I thought that would take you by surprise,
I see, the silence in your eyes.

When the difference are too big, to softly speak,
And humility seem, like a virtue of the week,
And yet I find you short of words,
I fear, the silence in your words.

When every moment needs a lifetime to stay together,
And we scarcely believe, even a moment we can weather,
Everytime I talk, of us growing apart,
I know, the silence in your heart.

If existence was a dream, everyone would be a fairytale,
But face to face with reality, dreams  will always  pale,
And so, when they tell you of my death,
I hear, the silence of your breath.

Had promised my dear friend, that i would rip off a lot of concepts from his site and reproduce them in a new and mangled manner here. Though it hasn’t yet come to that, this is another effort at first running through the titles of his posts(of which i must say there are many more that impress me, guess Yanni must take a break, i mean i guess Yanni must be relieved) before getting to any of the concepts actually talked about on his site.

The moment i saw this title on one of the posts, i knew this was something i badly wanted to write about, the different shades of silence we come across. Not that we can grade silence, but there are so many nuances in silence itself that makes us wonder if silence was really so silent after all.

So this is another one for the Beacons, dedicated to Dreamcatcher, for letting me so kindly reinterpret a beautiful theme of his, well only the title has been rehashed, but soon maybe the content also will be.

Just give me time. 

2 Responses to “Shades of Silence”

  1. DreamCatcher Says:

    hail! ahoy!

    n the beauty fills in..yeah though certainly its not what i have perceived..
    but u showed another aspect of it..

    silence so interspersed ..i guess silence is also in the feelings..the thots..juxtaposed in there own manner..

    i ahve a half done poem ..well there r many..n m so reluctant to finish them…but to add here ..its something like this..a very crude draft s kindly forgive me

    silence speaks..a thousand beats..when u walk along hand in hand with me.
    silence speaks between the eyes.. when i c u in my heart inside
    silence speaks…when u ask a ques n i dont have an answer…silence speaks thru my head bent down..
    u look at me and the world slows down

    cheers mate 🙂

  2. Gupta Ghost Says:

    ahoy mate,

    all hands on deck here. sure was a surprise to get such a lightning fast reply from you, considering my assumptions that you were off the radar nearly completely.

    of course not to mention, thanks. always a pleasure. remember, i told u, whatever you found or not, i had definitely found a goldmine. guess you could say, am just reaping the riches off it.

    reminds me of a G.B.Shaw quote i happened to read on someone’s blog yesterday, “if i and you each have an apple and exchange them, we would still have only one apple each. If i and you had an idea each and exchanged them, we would both have 2 ideas each”

    so much for inspiration. thats the reason i took the interpretation on a different plane, to give another perspective, so we both could enjoy two views on the matter 🙂

    and yes, crude or not, what matters is the concept, and in that matter i need not keep commenting again and again, lest the rest of them get bored of reading my comments more than your writings 🙂

    so keep afloat, high and clear, in a way we can all see.

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