Many years ago, I made myself one,
Though initially I told it to no one,
It is one of those things that needs no telling,
They seized it, like an idea that needs no selling.

Only for a few decades, one lifetime, I had thought,
And yet I cannot even count the daily battles fought,
It seemed every victory was only an encouragement,
Every step ahead, another test in mind management.

People might say, forget it, they are just words,
They were never supposed to have an afterwards,
But a word once given, remains given forever,
Something I will never be able to deny, now or ever.

The clues, my lips may play around with, and converse,
But your name, it shall always remain hidden in this verse,
Many times, from the temptation, mind does almost cave,
But worry not, this is something, I’ll take to the grave.

You have never seen me, the way you know it is,
And we have never talked, the way it really is,
Perplexed, though you don’t, you know it but you don’t,
I am sorry, but in this matter, the secrecy is paramount.

We have never talked, I said, and so you never suspect,
And what puts you off the trail, is probably the respect,
With too many dead ends, you don’t know, whom to expect,
Which suits me all the more better, in fact just perfect.

But every secret has to die sometime,
So too will this one, after a lifetime,
But until then, there is something that you will never miss,
The story of the person, behind this unbreakable promise.

My first post in the new year. Though it might sound like gibberish to most of the readers, one of the ones that give me the most personal satisfaction in this new year. I feel like as if a considerable portion of the weight i have been carrying has been shifted to the blog’s shoulders.

This is another of the Mirror ones which is truly mirror in almost every sense. This is the closest i have ever come to telling my story. Though it had a more than a thousand chapter, one for each day, this was something that was like the overlapping theme connecting them all together bound by a promise.

It tells of the difference one single promise made to my life, and how nothing was the same again. It would have been simpler, people would say if the promise was broken, because then i might have got much more happiness than now. Alas such a happiness would never have lasted like this one does, and will keep doing for as long as i live. Even afterwards, the happiness will show through every line that i wrote about it.

Every so often, we all make promises, how many of them are ones that make us commit ourselves for a lifetime. And on how many of such promises do we maintain our commitment in the letter and spirit of the word given? We will never know the satisfaction of successfully maintaining our commitment on the ones that we do, but then, that’s where the actual pleasure in the whole game lies.

Being a winner without even being able to know it, receiving the reward without even existing to accept it. It makes every single temptation that we come across seem like the test of a lifetime, because that’s what they are, ones that try to break the determination of a lifetime. It also makes every single temptation we overcome like another little step towards our very own star trek, and mind you stars are never very near.


5 Responses to “Promise”

  1. Explorer Says:

    Unfortunately, such rewards are almost always given posthumously.

    There are many who have lived by their word until the end. Such nobility is not often recorded in history for the simple reason that it wasn’t on a grand scale.

  2. guptaghost Says:


    sadly true. but then, thats exactly the problem with a lot of contemporary mindsets. the point that the reward must always be received. that excellence must always be recognised.

    people to fail to realise that when the longing for such recognition dies, when the desire for appreciation is extinguished, that is the day, when every single activity is its own reward. it is so much more contentment we feel in the beauty of the deed we have done, that when somebody else praises it, it upsets the balance. it either pushes us way above sanity, or drowns us in depression, based on the level of the praise. this is because once we seek other’s appreciation of our work, we always set our own standards of peer recognition that a lot of times we may never live up to.

    there is so much more happiness in being thankful for what one has got, and even more greatful for what one has not. some things are better admired unattained.

  3. Explorer Says:

    That’s true as far as oneself is concerned. But my reference was to the others in our lives. While I may be content in doing my deed unrecognised, it pains me to observe the same in someone else’s life. I “feel” and think that they have earned and deserve appreciation and much more!

  4. guptaghost Says:

    i know. have seen many people like that. people who deserve much more than their present lot. people who are much too great for the mediocrity they are forced to wallow in. but then, am powerless myself. i can only do so much, as my present resources permit me to get them that recognition.

    which i would say probably is not much. at the maximum, maybe a few words of commiseration, a few words of encouragement and nothing more. but one thing i have learnt, every single words matters. the very point that somebody bothers, somebody cares, is more heartening for them, than the fact that, that somebody cannot do anything about their situation. they are happy enough that somebody knows what they are going through, and that somebody cares for what they are worth.

    and yet sometimes, i think, maybe they too have grownup, maybe they too realise that it is the action itself that matters. that maybe the journey itself is the reward, not the destination. i will never know. atleast not about everyone.

  5. Explorer Says:

    It’s such a funny world.

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