He begins another day, fishing in the waters of his mind,
He knows not, if that lost object he will ever again find,
It will never repeat, even if only to again remind,
Only its memory, a vague sketch, it leaves behind.

He walks not, in this journey of a thousand miles,
For, this isn’t the earth, to journey on his feet,
Around every corner, it is teasing him with its smiles,
He stops not, there are a thousand more identities to meet.

Somehow, it seems to be him, every part of it,
As if taken by himself on an unearthly visit,
He is a stranger to himself, like his quarry,
Only, his prey never pauses even once to tarry.

To believe it was false, would test his imagination,
But it was true, leading him to a new destination,
His efforts each time, would never reach culmination,
Since he could never stop it from re-germination.

A dream is not his guest, to come home towards him,
Instead, it is the door, that from yesterday awaits him,
If he never reaches, it will still push itself ajar,
To show him the next door, not quite afar.

He sometimes believed that he was living through it,
And yet he clearly remembered breaking away from it,
He would walk through one, and walk into another,
And could no longer distinguish one from the other.

Alas, the dreamcatcher, he knows not the meaning of rest,
Every single moment, every single dream is another test,
The remains of its body, his thoughts may clasp,
Its life, its soul, no human mind will ever grasp.

This one is another for the Beacons. It is dedicated to a dear friend also presently titled ‘Dreamcatcher’. Had promised him that i would rip off a lot of inspirations from his blog, and here i begin with his name. This one is about the dreams that we all dream, the biggest one being life. And how we never realise we are walking through the dream, and instead wish for other dreams to take its place. Had only planned to limit this piece to this when i suddenly found out yesterday that i had been tagged. And surprise, it really was Dreamcatcher back again.

So i set about replying to his brand new post, and decided to compose a welcome-back poem for him, and here it is(he knows who the star is, and who the child is)

life slowly halts as the sun goes down,
and the night descends upon the town,
galaxies apart, he knows not its is afar,
the little one waits for the promised star.

the bright star looks down,
at the child’s stubborn frown,
no consolations, no words of renown,
could excuse the kid being let down.

only a month more, the star had said,
believing which the kid went to bed,
weeks past a month, and yet no star,
ever so hopeful, the window was ajar.

the star came through, but the child couldn’t see,
and so wrapped in his little dreams, it let him be,
waiting for the day, when it would set him free,
as always, a fingerwidth above the tallest tree.

So Dreamcatcher get ready for more.



5 Responses to “Dreamcatcher”

  1. Dream Catcher Says:

    u knw what..right now my present state of mind..u captured it all..withe very word..

    a silent tear , a silent wish kept on the door..
    the door kept ajar..
    wish someday the tears be gone.. wish be forgotten with the dreams..
    the dreams that never came true so far..

    thanks this is the highest honour i ever got..means alot:)

  2. Rajeev Says:

    Whoa! this is good!:)
    DC is soo lucky! 😀 hehe!

    peace & love

  3. Dream Catcher Says:

    @ Rajeev ; I know I m..he he

  4. Dream Catcher Says:

    once u told me that u hit a mine..i must say n confess that i have not gone thru this wealth as i shd i have..now going thru each page…makes me feel..there is hell lot of thing n stuff i need to learn …discern…right now m chasing thing…some dreams ..but i swear i will get back n do my operation soon…

    so apart from getting my own domain with ur help.( this i still need to fix n need ur help) i have this task after i m doe with my work…

  5. guptaghost Says:

    @ Rajeev
    Yep. Though i can’t exactly say DC’s state of mind, am atleast pleased with myself for having got a start to something i promised him long ago. and yes THANX a ton for checking my blog out.

    @ Dream Catcher
    If i told you that i hadnt got beyond even 4 of your posts, am sure you would be pulling at your hairs. seriously, not just being short of time, even when i did have time,(like last month), i wouldnt progress more than one post a day, because each line left so much open for interpretation, that i would simply run the line back and forth in my mind trying to find new meanings to it, and understand the existing meanings. so i have remained stagnant to your posts, unable to make further posts because of the increasing beauty of each one i come across.

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