Every dream needs a sacrifice to begin,
And every sacrifice needs an objective to win,
But is not every dream a sacrifice in itself,
Does it not relinquish its life to fulfill itself.

And every sacrifice is but a dream,
A dream that fulfills another dream,
But not every dream realises the sacrifice,
That the previous dream had to sacrifice.

When such a dream gets shattered,
And even its fragments get splattered,
What happens to the sacrifice done long ago,
Must it follow its dream and likewise go.

When the sacrifice itself becomes a dream,
And the dream therefore must be sacrificed,
Is it right to consider the sacrifice sacrificed,
Or does the sacrifice live on, if only as a dream.

Is any dream worth the sacrifice,
Or will mere dreaming itself suffice,
Is there any sacrifice worth a dream,
Is a person alive enough for such a dream.

We choose to sacrifice because we dreamt,
Did we ever sacrifice because others dreamt,
Sacrifice was a mere tool to get the ultimate prize,
Therefore we never dreamt to be able to sacrifice.

This is probably the most non-sensical piece of language that you have probably read till now(won’t say ever, because i am confident of writing loads more of such gibberish). Frankly initially it was supposed to be a fun poem which was to be built on an interplay of the two words. I had this concept from quite sometime, that every one of us have lots of dreams. Some that we barely remember, others that are more clearer, and others that we will never forget.

Dreams in this context are supposed to also include desires that are long unfulfilled. A lot of times, to fulfill these dreams we need to make sacrifices, and many of us think either then or retrospectively, whether the sacrifices we made were worth the dream that we set out to fulfill. Quite often we find that this is not the case, and that a lot of times it was pure satiation of the dream that drove us to the sacrifice rather than the actual worth of the sacrifice.

So as the poem progressed, it began to confound me even more, by the kinds of meanings each sentence was assuming of itself. By the time it was finished, i could no longer relate to the above lines as the poem that i had set out to write, it seemed more and more to me like a complex philosophical question about the very nature of the two terms, and the extent of their symbiosis. So much for a gamble on a fun poem.

4 Responses to “Dilemma”

  1. Payal Says:

    I guess at times its ain’t possible to know worthiness of a dream or a sacrifice or the situation. Coz in the end it all seems to be part of a big perfect plan of the universe. Thats what i have understood of this concept. My bigger dellima was understanding ur poetry in totallty ..i just felt in a maze by the end of it ..all lost. Thanx to ur synopsis i got the gist of it 😉

    PS : Why this Black and red combo for your blog …feels a bit eerrie entering here ?

  2. guptaghost Says:

    thanx for atleast reading it though.(personally i had to read it about 5 times to understand all the lines).

    what i felt was that many a time, we let go of all that we have achieved over maybe 20 or 30 years for just one moment of frivolity. Similarly when we get the chance to take that one risk to make the dream of our lifetime a reality, we just somehow refuse to take the plunge.

    and it is not merely restricted to a dream as such. sometimes we leave all the respect, all the honour that we had so scrupulously guarded all our lives for that one moment of temptation. temptation was never so big a dream, yet it got such a big sacrifice, though it merited none. so what i meant was such things happen.

    i was just trying to analyse if we had any conrol over such things, and whether we could stop them given the chance and the conditions. and under such a choice, what would be choose to leave, the dream, or the sacrifice. that was the dilemma i was talking about.

    and really sorry that my poem itself became the dilemma 🙂

    and about the black and red combo. yes in general it is kind of disconcerting for anyone who visits the site, but then my favourite colour happens to be black and the next favourite happens to be red. so once in a while i just kind of put it for fun(and besides, am a person who gets bored easily, so i keep changing and shaking up things to keep myself occupied 🙂 )

  3. Payal Says:

    We always have choices, as my teacher says “Choose what you want and get what choose” . Thus to the Choice of pursuing the dream, or giving into the temptation or to sacrifices are all choices given to us. Its thus wha we choose. Thus the Delima is virtual and self created…coz chice is always with us :). I too have in my blog written on the subject of taking the 1st leap …and how we hold urself back …

    Btw if u dnt mind why u called Gupta Ghost ..just curious and guptaji whats ur real name ? 🙂


  4. guptaghost Says:

    yes very much true. we can always choose. it that very choice that you talk about that i have called Dilemma,because of the implications of the choice we make.

    thats a short story that wouldnt find its right place here.instead it would find itself a home on my other blog(my autobiography) when the time is right. so thats still my little secret.

    and of course my real name is Thandava Krishna

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