Eyes Wide Open

There are moments of then, and moments of now,
And those that we have managed to forget somehow,
Those that happen before our eyes, and those that flash,
Until the boundaries between them begin to crash.

Those moments that you search with your open eyes,
They hide themselves behind, and yet they surprise,
They walk away, afar, the more you try to reprise,
And just disappear the moment your eyelids rise.

Just close your eyes, and look around within,
Don’t you see them on every wall therein?
Watching you, mocking you, to catch up those times,
To confront time, and turn back its chimes.

Blinded to the world, right behind those eyes,
Awaits a joy that you don’t yet surmise,
To catch my hand and walk all the way,
Till the time this dream will let you stay.

Walking back in time, to see all those places,
And recollecting the changes in our faces,
From the times you never knew what was smiling,
To those days when you couldn’t stop laughing.

You walked out of this, with your eyes wide open,
When you couldn’t resist their urge to re-open,
Till you close them, you will never again find,
Those little things that escape your inquiring mind.

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