Mystic Tenant

One fine morning, a stranger walked into my heart,
Demanding I give it on rent, atleast in part,
And the entire place, the stranger did occupy,
Before I could even begin, my refusal to justify.

Just moved in, there began a torrent of complaints,
On indelible stains, and the fading, peeling paints,
I was riled about the insect-infested doors,
And the cracking, creaking, saggy floors.

The walls were weak, shaking with suspicion,
The roof was leaky, dripping with envy,
The floor was soft, sinking with worry,
The room, about to collapse, brimming with disruption.

I got to work trying to make it habitable,
Thankfully, my efforts and their results were appreciable,
And I saw the stranger smile, with my each deed,
In trying to get rid of the hatred and greed.

I had just finished assuaging my guilt,
And getting proud of this heart I rebuilt,
The road inwards was clean, the outgrowth optimistic,
And then the stranger left forever, ever the mystic.

Another of my abstract ones on love. For those who didn’t understand this non-sense that pretends to be verses, it just means this: This ones is about the love that enters most people’s lives when they are at their depressive best, and goes about cleaning everything about and around us, and when life just begins to seem bright and worth living again, it departs, in search of another soul to save. So this one is dedicated to that love that made a lot of us feel human again, and re-ignited the spark to live again in this world.

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