Little Miss Sunshine

All is calm and serene behind those eyes that beckon,
And this is the best time to break the news, you reckon,
So you gather up your last bit of courage,
Alas, you know not, of the impending rage.

Just picture her, with her hands on her hips,
Looking at you, with those slowly pouting lips,
And her chubby jigging cheeks begin to turn red,
Scaring even her own wispy hair, now hiding behind her head.

She breathes fire, through that now red, nose,
Her pale face, is just redder than a rose,
And colours begin to fill, like art, onto her eyes,
See all those shades of red, that appeared in a trice.

Despite that warning voice and its harried tone,
You are so charmed, you leave it all alone,
You realise that emotions make some people beautiful,
And that anger, especially, makes her more colourful.

But like parting clouds, the feeling leaves her flushed face,
And gradually you seem to be taken aback, by her amazing grace,
For, you have now witnessed and shared, the joy that was mine,
Of seeing the smile return upon Little Miss Sunshine.

Although this poem is dedicated to the memories of Drew Barrymore(in the picture above), it was modelled on someone, who, in my opinion(however far-fetched it may sound) looks exactly or rather must have looked exactly like Drew in the picture above(although she vehemently denies this, hope readers give me the benefit of doubt on this one). She has a very fragile fuse(for her temper) right at the tip of her nose, and somehow it always seems to crack at the slightest of prodding. So I thought of having fun on her ‘fragile fuse’.(Readers must please excuse the fact that I can neither put up her picture here or mention her name because she has explicitly banned me from doing so, although if she herself was to reply to this post, and allow me, then things would be quite different) Nevertheless, it is a very good mental exercise, to think how a girl looking like the one in the picture above would look when angry.

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