Leaving You

Wish I could be the smile, that leaves your lips,
And swim in the puddles of celestial joy, with which it drips,
Leaving you forever, to cheer up that someone, and everyone,
And yet be born again, as you search to bring up the next one.

Wish I could be the tear, that drops down your eyes,
I  would leave you and run away, if only to make you feel nice,
Of course, on the way, I would always kiss your cheek,
For in your sorrow, that’s the only happiness I can seek.

Wish I could be the voice, that leaves your throat,
Enchanting all around me, every time I float,
Loads of sugar, sometimes barbs of salt, on me you coat,
And yet every time they hear me, it’s about you they gloat.

Wish I could be the breath, that every second leaves you,
One that you forsake, only to accept again, fresh and new,
I shall waft about, taking to those around, your fragrance,
Till you call me back, reprimanding my vagrance.

Wish I could be anything that ever leaves you,
For, to have loved, lost and found again,
Brings such a joy, that it makes me forget the pain,
Which comes from every moment of my leaving you.

2 Responses to “Leaving You”

  1. payal Says:

    It’s nice to find someone (may I take the risk of being gender specific here and say ‘a guy’) who in this day and age can be so deeply in love and express it so beautifully. However with time and experiences I have realized that isn’t really worth totally loosing oneself in love. It’s important to ensure that you stay grounded coz love surely makes u fly but at times the landing of the flight is quite painful and doesn’t seem worth it then.

    All said and done ,totally love you expression ! 🙂

    Cheers !
    From a die hard romantic like u !

  2. licencetorhyme Says:

    Could Sure do with a few cheers.

    And yes, you can take the risk of being so gender-specific. The expression is nothing because most of it is not how I actually feel, but rather a virtual extrapolation of how I would behave/believe if I were to consider things/love and their events in the generally accepted/expected way of life.

    Except of course the poems that are featured under Mirror, which are about 99.9% how i feel and think in my own world/mind.

    Regarding your apprehensions of staying grounded, i have never before and will never hereafter bother about that because mine is a journey of no return. I would never need to land because i have decided to fly away from this earth’s gravity, since the conditions of my love are such, that i can never choose to love and land, only one of them, and the choice seems obvious to me.

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