Relatively Love

Speaking of these moments of happiness that we today share,
Soon it will be time when we have none of them to spare,
I began thinking of a way to stop the clock’s chime,
And someone told me a way, to slow down, even stop time.

All I had to do, was to begin travelling at the speed of light,
And so I set about, on this task of no ordinary might,
But the shackles of possibility had me in a bind,
So I went about, the only other way, through the mind.

Picking up pace, I was nearing the speed of light,
And beginning to reach all my fantasies in flight,
The time really began to slow, but so did your speech,
Which left me thinking, was this where I wanted to reach?

At the speed of light, your words completely stopped,
The time that we treasured, sadly, it also stopped,
Anxious to end this deadlock, I surpassed the speed of light,
And found myself flying backwards through day and night.

I reached the beginning of our love, and tried to change things,
But only found the difference, that love from a different time brings,
I was shocked to find, that you no longer had our memories,
As I stared at all our lives, and their superficial emotional stories.

Every single time that I tried to win, by controlling time,
It taught me, that my efforts lacked both reason and rhyme,
It laughed at my attempts to freeze youth, freeze our image,
Upon seeing yet another one failing, it occupied its centrestage.

Having been shown it all, on my very existence it caused a doubt,
Always sending its reminders, age, to challenge me to a bout,
I realised that this thing we call love, is only relative love,
It is how much of the moment we live, that makes it last for now.

This one was my attempt to romanticise and thereby demystify Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’ and present its consequences on special moments in life. Well for those who don’t have any idea of the Theory, it will sound even more complicated, but sorry, can’t help you out on that front, as any further explanation will make this sound like a ‘physics for dummies’ blog. So irrespective of whether you understand the actual theory or not, just go ahead and just have fun reading it.

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