The Other Side – Part 2 of 3

In this autumn of life, we fall like leaves,
Fall from each other and back into one another,
Our fortunes changing, as each new gust leaves,
Towards the sky, or the earth, we never could bother.

We talk as we fall, of this bond and its reason,
And wonder if love is after all, only a season,
One that will never see an end upon our hearts,
Ever-changing, at times beautiful, unbearable in parts.

You will never know my joy, at this love we got,
As we move into a world, that time forgot,
A world that didn’t care about our language,
And where you didn’t ever ask me my age.

A joy at finally getting out of this wilderness,
As we walk into the sunshine of happiness,
A happiness whose boundaries we have to set,
As it hovers above us, knowing no sunset.

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