Floating like a boat, on the waters of your heart,
I feel like a captain, one without his dependable chart,
I have no choice, as I am swept along with your flow,
I only wish, these moments could atleast go more slow.

Tippling and swaying, I don’t feel the need to float,
For, isn’t yours the love, that always keeps me afloat,
Every time I try to set foot, my feet you always wash,
For in you, is not my every thought, already awash.

You flow in, through me and out, a relentless tide,
Lashing out with a gentle ferocity, never out of stride,
Although all over me, you never cease to drench,
Surprisingly, you never spill over, onto the bench.

You are the flood, in which I will keep swirling,
As long as in this love, I see you smiling,
For love is like water, one that never breaks,
One, on whose pounding, the very earth shakes.

Sorry for the delay of nearly a month. Was a little short of inspiration, although there never was a shortage of concepts. Was really difficult to find some inspiration after such a beautiful one on Aparna. But poets must move on, and muses change. Not for long though, am sure she is strong enough to pull me back in a few months, till then I have some interesting ones coming up.

The current series is one on the elements, and the metaphorical representation of love through the various facets of the elements that we know as the building blocks of life on earth. Next on the menu(probably in a few days), is a set of three poems about a hypothetical story narrated from the other person’s eyes(for those who must have got tired of my girl-bashing, here’s the answer, coming up), it was something I promised somebody more than a month back, so I hope, the posts in a few days will satisfy that person.

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