Moving Ahead

When the chips are down, and you only have a frown,
When the person is gone, and the memories stillborn,
When the sunshine has melted, but the heat hasn’t relented,
When all doors are ajar, yet the destination is afar.

It is then you know, that your life is stuck,
And you have exhausted the last drop of luck,
With the first wave of loathing you are struck,
And you realize, this time, there’s no passing the buck.

You cannot for now forget, and maybe forever forgive,
But you know there’s something that’s got to give,
Tired of life and its memories, you can no longer live,
Yet death doesn’t come, allowing you to leave.

Your experience may have held you in good stead,
But to turn a new leaf, they prevent you instead,
Just remember, when all things come to a head,
The only progress you can make, is by moving ahead.


2 Responses to “Moving Ahead”

  1. Divya Says:

    Move simple to say, so difficult to do..

    we all struggle to do that.. dont we? But u know what,sometimes u just need stop,look back & be glad that those things happened..not run away from them.
    keep posting really loved this one.

  2. Citric Acid Says:

    Simply beautiful.

    You have a way with the words to bring out the feeling exactly.

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