Keeping You Alive

It’s long since you left me to be alone,
Leaving to fly away, as if airborne,
Yet I land safely with your memories,
Their simplicity, and their untold worries.

May the sun never set on your delight,
Though for the world, it may already be night,
With the covers of darkness I shall fight,
To keep that smile on your face forever bright.

I shall fight with sleep, temporal and eternal,
To keep your eyes away from their sojournal,
To keep them twinkling, alive and awake,
So another day of joy, they can partake.

I won’t let death take your heart away,
Even if it means putting mine in the way,
For, I cannot let a life like yours stray,
Into the foggy mists of an eternal grey.

People said it was useless, you were already dead,
They know not, because they know you, only in the head,
And when they know you, like my heart,
They will understand why we cannot part.


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