Into Your Life

When its time, to describe your entire life in a day,
And you know, you can’t recall every moment on the way,
Times of joy may never in your memory, for long stay,
Of the times when you cried, you will definitely say.

When you have 24 hours, to describe all your years,
To explain your tears, and their underlying fears,
Do I atleast share a minute in your narration,
Or did I just seem a fantasy of your creation.

Let me be the river that flows into your existence,
Flowing down your throat like the elixir of subsistence,
Washing away the worries that cling to your feet,
Enriching the thirsty ground, wherever we meet.

Let me be the sun that brightens your day,
That warms your soul, all along the way,
There won’t be a place you will miss my ray,
Like your shadow, I shall return as long as you stay.

Let me be the wind that blows into your face,
In your every breath, let me leave my trace,
Soaring with your heart, in an earthly grace,
Without my presence, may you never find a place.

Let me simmer into your life, like the fire,
That burns within you, and your every desire,
Along the path, let me be your candle’s flame,
Through water and wind, burning all the same.

Just let me walk in through your heart’s door,
And you’ll never have the need for anything more,
I may not be God, to stop all your tears,
Atleast I’m human, to cry with you for years.

Let me in as the dew, or the ever-settling dust,
Let me in as anything, that for life is a must,
In the midst of all this chaos, confusion and strife,
Have faith, and just let me, into your life.

This one is dedicated to my definition of love, which many have defined as ‘impractical, unrealistic, and even downright loony’, but that doesn’t change it from being LOVE.

3 Responses to “Into Your Life”

  1. Divya Says:

    Ive never seen such love in reality…its too beautiful to be true..too pure…more like a dream we all wish would become reality..

  2. guptaghost Says:

    but it is. it is the story of my love. one that wants to give, and never be given.

  3. Satyajit Says:

    Dear Brother,
    The sentiments are expressed beautifully and whatever reservations I have about these I shall keep to myself!

    But I would like to take the liberty and accept your permission to give suggestions freely and point out a small mismatch in the imagery that you use.

    “There won’t be a place you will miss my ray,
    Like your shadow, I shall return as long as you stay.”

    In these verses, you change from being the ray of light to becoming the shadow. It struck me on my very first reading and would not go away …

    Think about it,



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