I stand as I watch, its progress, an unstoppable blaze,
And I wonder, if there is something that you cannot set ablaze,
And burn in your frenzy, as if beyond containment,
Devouring everything and yourself into extinguishment.

At times, those eyes of yours, they potently simmer,
And just when they almost burn me, they slowly glimmer,
And I believe, I will be scalded, if I so much as even touch,
For, more than the distance, it’s the heat, that divides us so much.

And I think, is there any way, to bridge this gulf?
A way, that your fiery self can never ever engulf,
And it seems to me, that every time you cringe,
Your arms will envelope me, and begin to singe.

You rise up, steady and straight, just like a flame,
One that purifies, one that obliterates every shred of blame,
And you pursue, throw me off guard, with your inflammable charm,
Which never ceases to make doubt, if love is really so warm.

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