A Broken Life

To wake up at dawn, and find you have nothing,
To walk into the lawn, and find a delayed spring,
When your footsteps sink, too deep into the ground,
And through the rest of life, there’s that recurring sound.

To look at me, giving out your best smile,
And yet, since you last felt satisfied, it’s been a long while,
I have seen you many a time, trying desperately to talk,
But I’ve always backed away, for, aren’t we cheese and chalk.

You have tried to talk me out of this, just forget it,
Your blow didn’t miss and has already deeply hit,
You may take the pain away, but not the scar,
It will stay on, as a reminder, of how relations mar.

Pardon me if I have sounded too curt,
But I want you to know how much I hurt,
Alas, it’s a sorrow, that you can never compare,
For, you have broken my life, beyond repair.


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