Walking Away

The pages have yellowed with the passage of time,
Leaving irrefutable proof of a broken heart’s crime,
Of believing in a feeling that is long past its prime,
And its endurance of persisting, even when clocks don’t chime.

Being chained by the shackles of a single emotion,
Whose ripples overflow beyond the confines of the ocean,
Walking along its path with a single minded devotion,
Dejected at not finding the promised alchemist’s potion.

Yet happy to be free, trying desperately to flee,
As far from the mind, as a human can possibly be,
For, just around the corner, is looming darkness,
One that wipes away the contours of happiness.

The scanty moonlight, only guides me over a thorn,
Causing the coursing adrenaline to be stillborn,
Curtailing me back to those memories and days,
That are so pleasant a pain, like the burning sun’s rays.

I know not how high above the eagle flies,
For, when I look, you are stuck in my eyes,
Where, challenging me, you will forever stay,
No matter how much longer I keep walking away.


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