Waking Up

Just the two of us, walk up to the edge of the lawn,
Waiting for the sun, to break out from the dawn,
To pry apart from our feet, the morning dew,
And witness the buds begin blossoming anew.

Walking down the path, holding your hand,
Weak in the knees, I cannot anymore stand,
Yet managing to hold on, as you stare into my eyes,
And we start drifting, through the blushing skies.

To ask you to slow down, is surely no crime,
As I try to catch up, with the fleeting time,
That refused to stop as you swirled in my arms,
Freezing me cold with the spell of your charms.

Yet despite the direction your memory tries to blow,
We are separated forever by a tiny little window,
Through which the sun’s rays begin to gleam,
Waking me up from this never-ending dream.


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