Song Of The Sky

O dearest love, wherever you are, just let me hear your voice,
The music in your words gladden me more than I can rejoice,
I live before you, behind you in this despairing conundrum,
My only companion, your song, that I tirelessly hum.

Though you aren’t, your ever-smiling face is here,
It keeps following me to eternity like my shadow near,
Looking into your mesmerizing face makes me forget,
All the sorrow, that everyday lives seem to beget.

The day prolongs not for the star-studded night,
The night lives on in the shadow of the morning light,
The solemn glow in your eyes, sends my watery heart into ripples,
As night by day, day by night, my yearning never stifles.

Go wherever you wish, my celestial song shall follow,
It shall echo and reverberate in your heart’s hollow,
But never bother to ask yourself the question why,
Because mine is the eternal song of the sky.


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