My Second Life

Your eyes look bejeweled like a Greek,
I would die for their attention to seek,
Though you may look soft-hearted and meek,
Underneath lies a character as hard as teak.

One look at those rare, poignant tears,
And waves will be lashing backwards at themselves,
Just one time if your silken voice one hears,
It’s enough to push all the voice-records off the shelves.

You possess a face, so wordlessly exquisite,
That beings from the Heaven are dying to visit,
Tapering down like the Andes mountain is your nose,
Comparing myself with you, is like the thorn with the rose.

As near to you, I can only see your matchless face,
But far from you, I can let my dreams run riot like a knife,
Like an iceberg, I fear I will one day melt at your gaze,
For, your face, it needs no telling, is my second life.


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