Morning Light

Mighty oaks come alive at dawn, their reflection in water glistening,
Fresh dewdrops in the rising sun’s rays, stare out at you glowing,
As I rise up each morning, the chattering birds eagerly listening,
I am spellbound by the beauty of morning light that is mind-blowing.

I await you like the morning daisy flower, wilting by the hour,
Even as the wind erodes the sand, upon which I steadily stand,
I reach out for you, like the evaporating morning dew,
The charisma in your face, shall remain the enigma in my brace.

I can never love another person anew,
Until I hear your voice, that’s well nigh overdue,
Your absence for a moment, has dried me like the desert,
Yet I tarry on, till my position you gently assert.

With dissenting minds and commenting mouths I fight,
With the only fear that I may in diversion forget,
How beautiful, how wonderful, you day by day get,
Like the first ray that strikes earth, from the morning light.


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