In Your Eyes

At first sight, they looked like an eclipse over a bright sun,
In an unchallenged manner, the championship of my heart they won,
They subside like a heap of rubble when you are sad,
And bloat up like a new bubble when you are glad.

They are down and glum when you unusually fret,
And attain an expression I cannot in Heaven interpret,
When you stare at me, the Earth feels light, like standing on a petal,
When you blink, the sky feels heavy, pressing onto my head like a pedal.

They question me in a morose manner when you brood,
And assume expressions as broad as your minute mood,
Looking into them, I can easily see when you are good,
As they look like the fragrance of freshly cut sandalwood.

I can surely tell, when you are, or not in a dream,
As your thoughts flow through them like a stream,
They show your emotions, in a range from steam to ice,
I can see whole new world opening in your eyes.


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