Destiny’s Child

It was a world unfriendly and hostile,
Filled with hatred and anger so vile,
All that I asked for, was encouragement and chance,
But was denied even sweet words or a loving glance.

Chaos and pandemonium were raging uncontrollably wild,
Wishing was I for inner peace so supremely mild,
I had long forgotten that I was born to be Destiny’s Child,
Unfortunately, by attachment and illusion easily guiled.

From deep within suddenly a familiar chime rang,
My consciousness from its fatal slumber awoke and sprang,
For unseen help, I desperately sought, but none could bring,
Finally to the refuge of all troubles, my prayers did spring.

Then God answered, and held me by my hand,
And led me safely through, to His pristine land,
Leaving behind footprints on the sands of time,
That others may follow to reach the goal sublime.


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