Between Us

This is certainly not going to be the last time,
That I will try to deeply tell you something,
Although I fear, you will deem it a great crime,
I strongly wish to confess to you, my only fling.

Every time I see the matchless curves of your face,
I feel like hurling myself into your warm brace,
Every time I see you walking with an inimitable grace,
My heart sets upon itself, a beat of pounding race.

I try to open my mouth, emerging from the shadows,
However I stop, unsure which way the wind blows,
Every step you take, I would like to forever follow,
However I stop, scared you’ll think my heart hollow.

Talking to you, I feel all my words slowly melt,
Thinking it will change the way you always felt,
I am happy though sad, to let things be as they are,
So that I can always love you, as an unreachable star.


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