A Flickering Lamp

Walking in the night, the moonlight as a guide,
I feel as though I have abundant time to bide,
Looking around, I find no place to safely hide,
From the growing anxiety underneath my hide.

From all sides the forces are closing upon me,
Recasting doubts on what my mind can see,
From the edges of twilight you suddenly appear,
Like a resurfaced apparition of a long-drowned fear.

Floating on the top of my mind’s deepest recess,
You seem to laugh at my life’s horrible mess,
At the turmoil and pain, that seem in excess,
Yet permitting through them, patches of success.

My mind tries to revolt, and run away fast,
As I consume myself to breathe till you last,
Walking away, you leave my hopes damp,
Counting my time, like a flickering lamp.


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