Into The Jungle

The sun beats down on the broken traveler,
As he scurries around for scarce a shelter,
But where can he hide, out in the open,
Like the meaning hiding behind a coaxing pen.

Step by step, he goes, repeatedly tripping,
Twines of hope, and joy, tightly gripping,
Yet a few paces forward, inexplicably slipping,
Beads of perspiration have long been dripping.

Broken in the body, breaking in the mind,
With no one present, to push him from behind,
Lurking in the undergrowth are creatures of despair,
Fear of failure, they make for a deadly pair.

Persevering, he forces himself to trudge further,
Poor man, he knows not, the horizon is always farther,
All those miles gone by are just a headstart,
Into the jungle, called a “Woman’s Heart”.

Waking Up

Just the two of us, walk up to the edge of the lawn,
Waiting for the sun, to break out from the dawn,
To pry apart from our feet, the morning dew,
And witness the buds begin blossoming anew.

Walking down the path, holding your hand,
Weak in the knees, I cannot anymore stand,
Yet managing to hold on, as you stare into my eyes,
And we start drifting, through the blushing skies.

To ask you to slow down, is surely no crime,
As I try to catch up, with the fleeting time,
That refused to stop as you swirled in my arms,
Freezing me cold with the spell of your charms.

Yet despite the direction your memory tries to blow,
We are separated forever by a tiny little window,
Through which the sun’s rays begin to gleam,
Waking me up from this never-ending dream.

Flowing Away

I still cant remember when they began,
Or for how long and far they just ran,
It seemed only yesterday that they had a cause,
But even while it withered, they never had to pause.

They flow into the cracks of your every burden,
And wash them away before they can harden,
Although it has been quite a long while,
They still spread themselves across your smile.

For the times when you totally lost control,
Upon you like raindrops during an evening stroll,
For the times when the days were dark,
All around you like a sprinkler in the park.

Yet all through life, you can never feel,
Although they drench you from head to heel,
Despite discreetly being able to hold their sway,
Those were my tears, beginning to flow away.

A Flickering Lamp

Walking in the night, the moonlight as a guide,
I feel as though I have abundant time to bide,
Looking around, I find no place to safely hide,
From the growing anxiety underneath my hide.

From all sides the forces are closing upon me,
Recasting doubts on what my mind can see,
From the edges of twilight you suddenly appear,
Like a resurfaced apparition of a long-drowned fear.

Floating on the top of my mind’s deepest recess,
You seem to laugh at my life’s horrible mess,
At the turmoil and pain, that seem in excess,
Yet permitting through them, patches of success.

My mind tries to revolt, and run away fast,
As I consume myself to breathe till you last,
Walking away, you leave my hopes damp,
Counting my time, like a flickering lamp.

Just By Changing

To look up at the stars and begin to dream,
About why things aren’t always the way they seem,
Why life holds back surprises till the last moment,
When it becomes too late to apologize or repent.

When the days pass by, busy in sustenance,
And ridicule is what you face for penance,
When objects of form have no underlying substance,
And they try to fool you, at the next possible instance.

When to your worries and troubles, nobody will listen,
And your downfall, everybody is trying to hasten,
When all your endeavors end up in nothing,
And you dread the suffering tomorrow will bring.

It is time to wake up to the world of realities,
Of the foregone chances and missed opportunities,
And every night you realize, there will be another morning,
When your life can be improved, just by changing.

Walking Away

The pages have yellowed with the passage of time,
Leaving irrefutable proof of a broken heart’s crime,
Of believing in a feeling that is long past its prime,
And its endurance of persisting, even when clocks don’t chime.

Being chained by the shackles of a single emotion,
Whose ripples overflow beyond the confines of the ocean,
Walking along its path with a single minded devotion,
Dejected at not finding the promised alchemist’s potion.

Yet happy to be free, trying desperately to flee,
As far from the mind, as a human can possibly be,
For, just around the corner, is looming darkness,
One that wipes away the contours of happiness.

The scanty moonlight, only guides me over a thorn,
Causing the coursing adrenaline to be stillborn,
Curtailing me back to those memories and days,
That are so pleasant a pain, like the burning sun’s rays.

I know not how high above the eagle flies,
For, when I look, you are stuck in my eyes,
Where, challenging me, you will forever stay,
No matter how much longer I keep walking away.

One More Time

As my longing for you gets stronger and stronger,
The sandglass of my shadow, grows longer and longer,
My heart goes fasting every moment for your laughter,
One that makes my heart beat a good pace faster.

To your heart, I don’t think I can make the trip,
Afraid lest on the way, our friendship may trip,
The farther you go, the difficult it is to stay in race,
With you, the mortal fairy of the fairer race.

Your beauty increasing like the start of each dawn,
In what way to tell you, upon my senses doesn’t dawn,
Every time in this contest am left behind to trail,
Leaving failure’s imprint, a very shameful trail.

A bystander’s eyes would rather wish me die,
Than see me fail, trying to look you in the eye,
As the morning ages, my shadow soon runs out of time,
But I still beg you, just let me tell you one more time.

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