The Other Side – Part 1 of 3

I was looking for it, in every person that I anywhere met,
But glances of disinterest, of lust and desire, was all I could get,
And one day, you walked into my life, into my heart,
Funny, how in the simplest of ways, these things start.

I had always met people, who wanted to talk, to impress,
People who turned up in polished shoes and a creased dress,
There was them, and there was you, one who would hear,
One who could feel my tears and also guess my fear.

You would look at me, and I would look down and blush,
Not because it was embarrassing, or my cheeks were flush,
But because, if I looked straight back into your eyes,
From pure surprise, you wouldn’t know what to do with your eyes.

But your eyes don’t just look at me, they look into me,
They pierce and try to ferret out every secret from me ,
To run away from them, your trespassers that stalk,
I let you hold my hand, as we take this evening’s walk.

There’s something about the way you say my name,
Is it my obsession, or do you call everybody the same?
Either way, what matters is, I called out, and you came,
And from now on, nothing for us, shall ever be the same.

This one is a series called “The Other Side” wherein I have tried to explore the feelings from the other side of the veil, one that is rarely written about, and even if written, hardly heard well enough, specially when there are such a huge number of ‘female bashers’ like me out here. So this was an attempt to tell the story from the girl’s point of view, like I promised somebody about a month ago, and am thus looking forward to any kind of feedback, especially from femme fatales, because I had to rely a lot on breaking a lot of common stereotypes to achieve even the least bit of movement.

The Other Side – Part 2 of 3

In this autumn of life, we fall like leaves,
Fall from each other and back into one another,
Our fortunes changing, as each new gust leaves,
Towards the sky, or the earth, we never could bother.

We talk as we fall, of this bond and its reason,
And wonder if love is after all, only a season,
One that will never see an end upon our hearts,
Ever-changing, at times beautiful, unbearable in parts.

You will never know my joy, at this love we got,
As we move into a world, that time forgot,
A world that didn’t care about our language,
And where you didn’t ever ask me my age.

A joy at finally getting out of this wilderness,
As we walk into the sunshine of happiness,
A happiness whose boundaries we have to set,
As it hovers above us, knowing no sunset.

The Other Side – Part 3 of 3

There comes a time, when everybody must part,
This separation, is not something that we did start,
Over time, our thoughts, our feelings have grown apart,
When we smile at each other, it’s no longer from the heart.

The time that we shared, shall always remain a memory,
One that’s bitter, like in almost every other love story,
When we say the nastiest things about each other,
And with the very hatred, could each other smother.

You will leave this behind, and find someone to share the pain,
However, try as much, you will never find this love again,
Remember, you found me, loved me and lost me, by your own hand,
Just by standing quietly and watching our relation go out of hand.

This mirror that you have broken, can you stick it again,
Even if you could, would it show us and our love whole again,
All it would show, are the fragments of a broken smile,
And a doubt, whether it is us, or love, that is so fragile.


I come up against the unmovable, unshakeable, the mountain,
I wonder if it’s worth your effort, to bear its strain,
And whether it was always a part of you, or a recent outgrowth,
One that has for ages, known no diminution, and alas, no growth.

I try to reach out, and you stonewall yourself into a rock,
One even the fire cannot melt, or wind cannot unblock,
And yet, my tears that flow, like water over your jagged edges,
Turn them into pebbles, cascading themselves over your ridges.

Though speak, you cannot, you nevertheless nourish,
Those blossoms, whose fragrance I everyday cherish,
To reach me, your thoughts disintegrate into the dust,
To be carried by the wind, the only messenger you trust.

Through my moods, their expressions and feet, everyday I kick,
And yet you bear it, not a single groan, though it makes you sick,
Although firm, sometimes my feet into your heart do sink,
And yet you carry me, always holding me, from going over the brink.


I stand as I watch, its progress, an unstoppable blaze,
And I wonder, if there is something that you cannot set ablaze,
And burn in your frenzy, as if beyond containment,
Devouring everything and yourself into extinguishment.

At times, those eyes of yours, they potently simmer,
And just when they almost burn me, they slowly glimmer,
And I believe, I will be scalded, if I so much as even touch,
For, more than the distance, it’s the heat, that divides us so much.

And I think, is there any way, to bridge this gulf?
A way, that your fiery self can never ever engulf,
And it seems to me, that every time you cringe,
Your arms will envelope me, and begin to singe.

You rise up, steady and straight, just like a flame,
One that purifies, one that obliterates every shred of blame,
And you pursue, throw me off guard, with your inflammable charm,
Which never ceases to make doubt, if love is really so warm.


Blowing across the land, an unstoppable gust,
You kiss this earth, and take away its dust,
It falls back, and you continue, like the wildest gale,
You keep returning, to caress me and regale.

Like the midnight breeze, you arrive every night,
Cajoling my heart, and everything else in sight,
You lift me onto your wings, up into flight,
And carry me aloft, till morning’s first light.

Every time you brush past me and my cheek,
I wonder, if there is something more you seek,
Seeing you amidst swaying flowers, people think you meek,
And yet against your seething best, there’s nothing not weak.

You waft in, through my every breath, and leave,
And bind me forever, by this life, that you thus weave,
One day, forever you will leave, when my time is due,
A day when I will lose, love, and most of all, YOU.


Floating like a boat, on the waters of your heart,
I feel like a captain, one without his dependable chart,
I have no choice, as I am swept along with your flow,
I only wish, these moments could atleast go more slow.

Tippling and swaying, I don’t feel the need to float,
For, isn’t yours the love, that always keeps me afloat,
Every time I try to set foot, my feet you always wash,
For in you, is not my every thought, already awash.

You flow in, through me and out, a relentless tide,
Lashing out with a gentle ferocity, never out of stride,
Although all over me, you never cease to drench,
Surprisingly, you never spill over, onto the bench.

You are the flood, in which I will keep swirling,
As long as in this love, I see you smiling,
For love is like water, one that never breaks,
One, on whose pounding, the very earth shakes.

Sorry for the delay of nearly a month. Was a little short of inspiration, although there never was a shortage of concepts. Was really difficult to find some inspiration after such a beautiful one on Aparna. But poets must move on, and muses change. Not for long though, am sure she is strong enough to pull me back in a few months, till then I have some interesting ones coming up.

The current series is one on the elements, and the metaphorical representation of love through the various facets of the elements that we know as the building blocks of life on earth. Next on the menu(probably in a few days), is a set of three poems about a hypothetical story narrated from the other person’s eyes(for those who must have got tired of my girl-bashing, here’s the answer, coming up), it was something I promised somebody more than a month back, so I hope, the posts in a few days will satisfy that person.

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